The Destinations That Define Las Vegas:

8 Ways To Love The City Of Sin!

There are many places you could vacation in America, but none of them comes close to the exhilaration you will find in Las Vegas. Put a visit to Sin City on your bucket list, and be sure to include the following 8 stops:

Skydiving Without A Plane!

There's a stop in Vegas, just down Convention Center Drive, where every daredevil (or wanna be) simply must visit. Indoor skydiving gives you the real feel of dropping out of the sky, only without the fear of losing the battle with gravity. Trained instructors guide you into a wind tunnel, where once properly suited up, you'll float in midair, just the same way you would if you had jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

An Exciting Helicopter Ride Over Vegas And The Grand Canyon

Scattered throughout the city are numerous helicopter operators who will fly you all over town, and then buzz you over to the magnificent Grand Canyon. That's about 280 miles, so this type of venue isn't for the queasy or faint of heart. If you're short on time, hire a chopper to enjoy the amazing light show of Vegas at night or to get some incredible aerial shots on your camera.

As Close As You Can Get To Paris In America

The Paris Hotel isn't just a place to lay your head at night, it's a must-see attraction in and of itself. Don't miss your chance to see the closest replica of the Eiffel Tower on Earth, or to dine inside with a breathtaking view of the city. While on the grounds, make a point of stopping in at the world-famously recreated Paris Opera House.

The Venetian

Everyone has heard of the Venetian and there are many reasons why you need to include this stop on your itinerary. For starters: Gondola Rides! Most especially if you're visiting Vegas with a romantic partner, you have got to experience the Gondola together. You could make it extra memorable by presenting an anniversary gift or even proposing, or simply enjoy the relaxing waters of "Venice" quietly. The Venetian is right on the main Strip and features other Venice-like attractions that give you the feel of really being there. Also, it's a stones throw from another famous destination, Treasure Island. Cover both in one stop, then be on your way to the next adventure.

The Aquarium (At Mandalay Bay)

You'll probably mark The Mandalay Casino high on your to-do list while here, but don't miss the aquarium it features. Shark Reef is one of the biggest tanks in America, but you'll have the opportunity to swim with actual sharks! (Supervised by qualified professionals, of course.) If the thought of getting cozy with a shark doesn't appeal to you, then at least walk through the glass aquarium tunnel and have an up-close and personal look at these (approximately) 400 million year old creatures.

If Sharks Are Just Too Scary, Get To Know A Dolphin

The world-famous Mirage Hotel, shining bright on Las Vegas Boulevard South, doesn't just take reservations, they take you into a real Dolphin Habitat, where you can swim, play or even do yoga with a few of the most gentle, majestic and intelligent creatures on Earth. You cannot miss the Mirage, because there's an erupting volcano outside the front door!

For Something Totally Tame In Las Vegas

You have got to visit Vegas for all the excitement and wonder; however, if you're feeling in need of something less wild and crazy, take in an afternoon at the Natural History Museum. You can find it on Las Vegas Boulevard North, where they'll educate you on the natural history of our planet, including greater detail about the State of Nevada. Enjoy exhibits on marine life and fossils, as well as traveling works. If you happen to have kids with you or be a kid yourself, you can't wait to see the dinosaurs at this museum!

The One Destination You Must Visit (Without Wearing A Watch!)

You just don't come to Clark County, Nevada without taking a long, leisurely, lingering stroll down the famous Las Vegas Strip! It's over four miles of glitz, glamour, noise, cuisine, culture, energy and other dynamics of art and humanity that make your vacation here complete. For practical purposes, you can check out great places to dine and discover, but make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to explore after dark. You're likely to see women dressed as flamingos, men who look like The Godfather and sparkling neon pine trees illuminating your way. Have comfortable shoes on your feet, bottled water in your bag and stop to rest a few times on this walk - it's one part of your time here you'll never forget.

The city of Las Vegas was built for pleasure and it's a place everyone should come to at least once. These 8 stops await your arrival, along with countless other places to see and exciting things to do in Sin City. One thing to be warned of, though: Don't be surprised if you never want to leave!

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